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A Passion for Design
     I studied at Carnegie Mellon University for 1 year in Art and transferred to Cal Arts for 3 years in Art and Design.
     I quickly found a job as Art Director and Production Manager at a publication group assigned to redesign a magazine, Popular Psychology. I became passionately drawn to all things design, including every related skill - graphic design, typography, photography, illustration, and copy writing. They all need to work in harmony for a really compelling final result.

Marketing Is Much More Than Design
     My passion was visualizing the big picture and a desire to learn all the individual skills needed to complete the project - start to finish. So, what’s the best way to do this? Start my own company - Los Angeles Studio.
     I eventually achieved professional level skills in every job category of marketing: Sales, Account Management, Project Management & Concept, Design, Copy Writing, Illustration, Photography, Media Buying, Public Relations, Vendor Management, Website & Social Media Design, Video Production, Reputation Management, and more.
















The Next Step - Our Business Growth
      I moved to the Palm Springs area and started Eaton & Kirk with my wife. Our firm quickly grew to a medium size full-service agency with many long-term clients, primarily by referral. After 20+ years we saw an opportunity and moved to the Lubbock, Texas area.

Today, Marketing Is Both Technology and Ideas
      To solidify and increase your customer base you need a full-service marketing firm that can do 3 basic things:
      1) Create a compelling message - a well researched customer-first selling proposition that will set you apart from others and reach out to new potential customers.
      2) Publish this message - throughout all media channels that fit your needs: website, social media, videos, print advertising, direct mail, and other projects.

      3) Response tracking - every project must include actionable data on results. If your not getting your money's worth on any marketing effort, you must be nimble, fast to respond with pre-prepared plans to adjust for success.

Long-Term Vision
      Any single project or campaign is just the beginning. We plan for the future, as technology evolves and markets change. We want to help you build your business, not just this year but for years to come.
     John Kirkpatrick, Emmielou Eaton
     Eaton & Kirk